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Worry lines, crow’s feet, frown lines and neck bands are not a challenge to Botox injections. In just a few minutes, this facial neurotoxin can temporarily weaken facial muscles beneath the wrinkled area to relax the skin and restore its youthful appearance.

The full effects of Botox® takes about 4-14 days. We recommend receiving Botox/neurotoxin injections every 3-4 months for best results and the prevention of fine lines and wrinkles

It is $12 per unit. – Standard treatment per area begins at 20 units

Derma Fillers

We offer Juvederm  XC® , Juvederm Ultra Plus®, Juvederm  Voluma XC®, Volbella®, RHA 2®, RHA3®, and RHA 4® derma filler products to enhance and fill areas on the face to improve on a more youthful appearance, give structure to cheek bones, fill in hollow under eye area, create a more defined jaw line and volumize and shape the lips.

Cost of one syringe of derma filler is $600- $700.
Kybella ®
Kybella® treatments are injections indicated for improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe fullness associated with submental (chin) fat in adults. Kybella injections can be given every 4-6 weeks if needed or the accomplish the results wanted.

*one treatment of 2 syringes is $1200.

If you are suffering from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) we offer Botox treatments to help manage the problem and dramatically decrease underarm moisture for up to a full 6 months to a year.

*price available upon consultation

Skin Consultations
Skin Consultations

*Please call for appointment and cost

Cortisone Injection
A cortisone injection directly into a pimple or acne cyst can shrink it within 48 hours. This treatment will dramatically reduce inflammation and speed up healing.

When time is not on your side for an upcoming event, this is a great option.

*$40 for each injection.